Designed with Security and Privacy in Mind.

Nurails was built to be the easiest, most secure, and private way for P2P transactions and businesses invoicing in Bitcoin denominated in fiat.

Easy Invoicing

Chatbot invoicing that can be shared across all social platforms

P2P Transaction

Easily transact in person or over chat with fiat spot price invoices

Fiat Denominated

Never worry about btc fluctuations, our invoices are fixed to fiat

No Sign Up Required

No sign up or onboarding required, simply open the application in Telegram.

Non Custodial Wallets

Nurails never takes control of your funds or private keys, they live on the blockchain.

Private & Censorship Resistant

Our infrastructure is open source and community driven using Payjoin security framework


Frequently asked questions from our users and Bitcoin community.

  • Does Nurails have access to my wallet?

    No, Nurails operates open source non-custodial infrastructure meaning we never have access to your private keys or funds.

  • How do I confirm a transaction?

    You will receive a notification from the Nurails bot when a transaction has had 6 confirmations on the blockchain, you can manually check by copying the tx ID

  • What is PayJoin (P2EP)?

    Payjoin or P2EP is a privacy technology developed in 2018 during a privacy summit organized by Blocksteam which breaks up and mixes BTC transactions making it difficult for input analysis firms to track payments.

  • Who Owns Nurails?

    Nurails is built on open-source infrastructure and is in partnership between Beam/Sig + Superfast Pixels

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